Monday, 31 January 2011

Tangled Items!!


So, I don't know if you've seen it or heard of it, but there is a movie called Tangled out in cinemas now and stardoll has been kind enough to release a tangled shop for us :)

The items are here  (:
(Ctrl+Click to open in a new tab)

Picture time :P

Love Erin xoxo

February Hotbuys


These are the Feb hotbuys... do you like them? Give your opinions in the comments :)

Here is a calendar of when all the clothes are released [:

Love Erin xoxo

Hot Buys Fallen Angel Jacket Finally Here!

Hiya (:

So, after 2 days of us waiting, stardoll finally fixed the jacket glitch. I was upset when I couldn't find it because it looked really cool and I wanted to buy it!

It goes quite nicely with the HBs trousers too :P

Its 16 SD which is expensive! But i think im going to buy it 'cause it looks really nice in my opinion. :) Oh and because I haven't bought many clothes lately becuase I don't like them :P
What about you? Are you going to buy it? Is it too expensive? Have you been waiting on the edge of your seat for it? Or do you think its horrible?

Love Erin xoxo

Welcome To: Supreme Stardoll :)


Thank you for visiting Supreme Stardoll! It's my first ever blog! (:

This blog is all about stardoll, as you've probably already guessed. I will be posting all about hidden shops, free things etc whenever I can[:

This is me, Erinoyer, on stardoll:

Feel free to visit me, write in my gb etc [:

Rules on SupremeStardoll:
-Don't be nasty to others

-You must leave lots of lovely comments(:

-You can ask questions if you need to

-You can request posts (like history of LE or Hotbuys or something)

-Don't post chain comments, they are fake don't worry, you wont die for not sending them on

-Don't post fake things like 'you will get 10000 starpoints if...' etc

-HAVE FUN(: teehee

Love Erin xoxo

P.S. Like I said, it's my first blog, so I might get some things wrong :P just bear with me(: